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“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

-Roald Dahl

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Capsule Wardrobe: Winter 2018 (recap)

Over the past 10 days I have been engaging in Stylebee’s “Winter 10×10” capsule wardrobe challenge. This time I wanted to share a recap of the different outfits I wore and to say the least, it was an absolute success!!

Basically the formula is 10 items of clothing you transition into 10 different outfits over 10 days.

Please Note: I decided to continue with the remix I have been successful with before by not including shoes or outerwear as part of my transitional collection.


My Intention.

My intention is to make my basic/ casual favorites, cute and to also engage with the capsule wardrobe community. I do not personally know anyone else who purposefully capsule wardrobes, so it was nice to be able to interact with like minded individuals, share my style as well as find new ways to fall in love with my wardrobe by learning tips from others. I avoided my denim shirt/jacket this time because there’s usually always one/ two included. Though there is nothing wrong with including one, I wanted to push my creativity a little more with my colorful items.

My Ten.

  1. grey fitted tee
  2. golden yellow long sleeve shirt
  3. green/blue/yellow plaid shirt
  4. grey sweater
  5. off-white/ cream fuzzy sweater
  6. “possibilities” yellow sweatshirt
  7. grey/white stripe dress
  8. charcoal grey jeggings
  9. dark blue denim jeans
  10. tan/brown plaid pants

The Outfits.

My 1st fave: Golden Vibes

I call this part of the wardrobe Golden Vibes because it felt so uplifting. I absolutely loved the color scheme I put together. It made everything so easy to pair. The first time I tried capsuling, I pre-planned the outfits I was going to wear, but this time I kind of pulled day to day.

My 2nd Fave: The “Picnic Dress”


I have a small collection of what I like to call, “picnic dresses.” I started calling them picnic dresses because they are slightly below the knee which is perfect for a picnic. The “picnic dress” got more play than I expected. I wore it three different ways which really pulled a new card from my creative deck.

  1. Casual- Plain
  2. Cute- with an Off-White cardigan
  3. Preppy- with a grey sweater


The Wind-Up.

At the end of my last capsule wardrobe post, I stated a few goals for future capsules. Those included documenting each day’s outfit and having a better variety of accessories. I did a decent job with documenting the outfits, but I’m still working on the accessories part. So the search continues. I do not want to just buy anything; quality is key! I did however make great use of one accessory, which I plan to share more of in a future post.

If you’d like to check out my first post about capsule wardrobing with the 10 x 10 method, click here.

Did you join the winter 10×10 challenge this time? If so, what was your favorite outfit or what new thing did you learn?


Chasing the Dream.

I sat at the airport terminal, legs crossed, one bouncing up and down. My heart beating The intercom beeped, notifying its passengers, “Your trip to Las Vegas- Flight SV2641 is ready to board!” I grabbed my black leather carry-on, my boarding pass, and a big decision that had to be made.

A year ago today, I was in the process of making the biggest decision of my life.

The weekend that led to this big decision was a rush. I hopped on a flight to San Francisco.

This was not like any typical adventure, but the journey, I knew would be well worth my time.

One night and two days.

informational meetings — interviews — a quick bagel bite–a sip of coffee, mint

–more interviews. A rush!

For this portion, I was not on my own. I was joined with my boyfriend, who was having to make the same decision as I. There we were, papers spread across the table with a huge decision that had to be made. The decision to move away from family, friends, life as we had known it.  For many years I told people I wanted to eventually move overseas. To teach, fully immerse myself in a new culture, and travel had been the dream. The decision for me, was to chase a dream. With all that was happening around the world, family, friends, and strangers often suggested I’d wait. But the choice was mine.

Would I leave or would I stay?

The day ended with a long walk alongside the San Francisco Pier. The cold breeze calmed the rush of the weekend. Torn between what I initially wanted and the best interview ever. I was given only 24 hours to choose. (You could only imagine the adrenaline I was feeling). I dropped off thank you letters to the offers I had declined, yet still was unsure about which way to go between the final two. One thing I did know, I would not be there…

I chased the dream!

A year from that day, I carry a passport full of stories and a phone too full to back up its photos. I am beyond blessed with the decision I made to live and do for myself. To overcome all the obstacles it took to get here and the moments I at times still have to struggle with today. It’s not always easy, but it is beyond worth it!

Chase the Dream that brings fire to your heart.

Let it burn, lighting the way to endless possibilities to come.


Do you have an inspiring story to share about being a DREAMCHASER? Comment below or send me a message via Instagram @TheRavenLove. I’d love to hear and possibly share your story with others.

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Chasing Slow: Sunbeams and other things.

The cool breeze swept my hair left and right, like the waves crashing before me. Three towels laid upon the soft sand. I dug my hands through one of Earth’s greatest charms and noticed the seashells perfect in all of it’s imperfections. The sun was beaming and so was my heart.

After a long week full of emotions, disappointment, and lack of sleep it was nice to stretch my limbs across the sand and come to this space of gratitude.

I prayed earlier that week to build a better connection with people. I can be so introverted at times. Though I love my me time, it’s necessary to build a relationship with others away from home. It can be hard at times, missing family and friends. Noticing a bit of a connection with new souls I figured I’d give it a try, to build what could be my community. And so, I gave a date, destination, and time. The only thing to do was arrive.

First, We laughed.

Next, We talked.

Then, We sat.

Last, Silence.

To my surprise, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I sense that all three of us needed to just get away for a few hours. To allow ourselves some rest and some release. A moment of joy.

This is what I needed. This is what I prayed for. This is what I got.

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A Love Letter: To the Year Ahead



In 2018, I hope you choose to Continue.

At the start of every year, like so many others, I look back at the past year and reflect on ways to become a better me in the new year. This year, I set intentions and practices that I’d like to establish as I typically do. But I wanted to add in something new and the question came: How could you show yourself a little love for the person you were? And then the answer came…

What are some things you would like to continue? Simple question right? I thought so too until I only had a list of two things I thought were things you celebrate.

I decided to press pause in the midst of my frustration to celebrate all that made me, and all that I hoped to continue. So here it is, A Love Letter: To the Year Ahead

I hope you choose to continue…

Continue hoping.

Continue dreaming.

Continue exploring.

Continue keeping.

Continue moving.

Continue being spontaneous.

Continue making people laugh.

Continue making people think.

Continue speaking up.

Continue sharing your feelings.

Continue guarding your heart.

Continuing learning.

Continue falling.

Continue rising.

Continue saying “no.”

Continue saying “yes.”

Continue reflecting.

Continue growing.

Continue shedding.

Continue shaping.

Continue blooming.

Continue loving.

I hope you continue being all that is you.

Love you, For you!