capsule wardrobe newbie


This past week, I decided to dive into the capsule wardrobe. I previously tried doing a capsule wardrobe over the summer. After having to make more trips than my wash schedule provided, I decided to let it go. So here I am, back to give it a try once more!

This time, I decided to try founder Lee Style Bee‘s 10 x 10 formula.

Basically the formula is 10 items of clothing you transition into 10 different outfits over 10 days.

I decided to remix the formula for myself. Since my new job has a dress code that does not permit denim or jeans, I decided not to include my shoes as part of my transitional collection.


My intention

My intention for this capsule wardrobe is to gain insight into what I actually like in my closet. I want every item to be a favorite. Along with curating the items in my closet, I kind of miss my days of working at H&M creating different outfits on mannequins. (Besides, I do not want to be one of those let me grab these jeans and a school shirt type teachers.)


The Capsule

1- stripe black and white shirt

2- denim button down shirt

3- black sweatshirt with flowers

4- black jeggings

5- blue denim jeans

6- salmon colored pants

7- black skirt

8- black and grey poncho

9- grey sweater

10- salmon colored jacket


What I’ve Learned

I loved doing this formula! It was such a genius idea.

I am starting to take more of a liking to solid color pieces that have a little flair.

I like flowy/oversized pieces tied with fitted items.

It is difficult to have warm weather in the fall. (My salmon pants were comfortable but they were also cropped pants so I didn’t really like styling them as much. I think that may be on account of the season.)

I need to document the outfits so I can remember which ones I have already tried.

Omitting shoes from the challenge allowed me to be a bit more flexible in my choices. I was also able to wear a pair of heels which I didn’t initially think to try. I only wore them once, but I was so glad I had a chance to.


In the Future

I’d like to have more accessories to style my pieces. Something as simple as rings, a scarf, or a different purse would have made a major difference in the outfits I wore.


I’ve decided the 10×10 capsule wardrobe is the thing for me. I will be sticking to this formula for a while and will make changes if needed. Would anyone like to join me for a challenge? Send me a message, DM on Instagram, or write me below!




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  1. I’ve been debating doing a capsule wardrobe as well. Reading your success had given me new motivation. Thanks!


    1. Raven Love says:

      Yes! I’ve been trying to do it consistently and I’ve noticed so much about my wardrobe preferences. Let me know how it goes!


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