You Should Be Here: Tbilisi, Georgia


I recently had a peaceful weekend getaway to Tbilisi, Georgia. I remember looking up places I wanted to visit months before moving overseas, and this one was definitely one of them. This time of year was perfect, as I wanted to escape to a country not too far but one that still made me feel I was in a new location. I also needed a place that made me feel like the season had changed and some relief from the heat in the UAE. Between the subtle chill and colorful architecture, I was not disappointed at all. This destination is definitely overlooked. If you’re looking for a small city with big charm, here’s where you should be!





Eat and Drink

Authentic Georgian Cuisine:



Georgian Wine

Georgian Lemonade

Play and Do

Old Town Tbilisi

Freedom Square

Sulphur Hot Baths in Abanotubini

Furnicular Railway

Mtatsminda Park

Cable Car

The Mother Georgia State

The Chronicle of Georgia



Have you ever thought of visiting Tbilisi, Georgia or have been? Share by leaving a comment below!


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