Chasing Slow: Sunbeams and other things.

The cool breeze swept my hair left and right, like the waves crashing before me. Three towels laid upon the soft sand. I dug my hands through one of Earth’s greatest charms and noticed the seashells perfect in all of it’s imperfections. The sun was beaming and so was my heart.

After a long week full of emotions, disappointment, and lack of sleep it was nice to stretch my limbs across the sand and come to this space of gratitude.

I prayed earlier that week to build a better connection with people. I can be so introverted at times. Though I love my me time, it’s necessary to build a relationship with others away from home. It can be hard at times, missing family and friends. Noticing a bit of a connection with new souls I figured I’d give it a try, to build what could be my community. And so, I gave a date, destination, and time. The only thing to do was arrive.

First, We laughed.

Next, We talked.

Then, We sat.

Last, Silence.

To my surprise, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I sense that all three of us needed to just get away for a few hours. To allow ourselves some rest and some release. A moment of joy.

This is what I needed. This is what I prayed for. This is what I got.


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