Chasing the Dream.

I sat at the airport terminal, legs crossed, one bouncing up and down. My heart beating The intercom beeped, notifying its passengers, “Your trip to Las Vegas- Flight SV2641 is ready to board!” I grabbed my black leather carry-on, my boarding pass, and a big decision that had to be made.

A year ago today, I was in the process of making the biggest decision of my life.

The weekend that led to this big decision was a rush. I hopped on a flight to San Francisco.

This was not like any typical adventure, but the journey, I knew would be well worth my time.

One night and two days.

informational meetings — interviews — a quick bagel bite–a sip of coffee, mint

–more interviews. A rush!

For this portion, I was not on my own. I was joined with my boyfriend, who was having to make the same decision as I. There we were, papers spread across the table with a huge decision that had to be made. The decision to move away from family, friends, life as we had known it.  For many years I told people I wanted to eventually move overseas. To teach, fully immerse myself in a new culture, and travel had been the dream. The decision for me, was to chase a dream. With all that was happening around the world, family, friends, and strangers often suggested I’d wait. But the choice was mine.

Would I leave or would I stay?

The day ended with a long walk alongside the San Francisco Pier. The cold breeze calmed the rush of the weekend. Torn between what I initially wanted and the best interview ever. I was given only 24 hours to choose. (You could only imagine the adrenaline I was feeling). I dropped off thank you letters to the offers I had declined, yet still was unsure about which way to go between the final two. One thing I did know, I would not be there…

I chased the dream!

A year from that day, I carry a passport full of stories and a phone too full to back up its photos. I am beyond blessed with the decision I made to live and do for myself. To overcome all the obstacles it took to get here and the moments I at times still have to struggle with today. It’s not always easy, but it is beyond worth it!

Chase the Dream that brings fire to your heart.

Let it burn, lighting the way to endless possibilities to come.


Do you have an inspiring story to share about being a DREAMCHASER? Comment below or send me a message via Instagram @TheRavenLove. I’d love to hear and possibly share your story with others.


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