Spring 2018: 10 x 10 Challenge

It’s Back! Stylebee’s 10 x10 Challenge that is. 10 items of clothing. 10 outfits. 10 days. I’m look forward to the challenge this season as I am taking it on the road to Singapore & Bali. Let’s see how this goes!

Please Note: I decided to continue with the remix I have been successful with before by not including shoes or outerwear as part of my transitional collection.

My Intention and Theme

I intend to use this challenge to learn more about the style and types of clothing I’d like to wear for Spring. My Fall and Winter wardrobes are so well put together, but my Spring wardrobe feels like it’s a bit all over the place. For that reason, I’m keeping the style simple but making sure my items are different. I also want to continue learning and sharing within the capsule wardrobe community because you all are so inspiring, kind, and supportive!

My Theme Scheme

Dainty-Boheme: Yellow, Olive, Black, White

My Ten

1. Yellow Stretch Tank

2. Black & White Graphic Bull Tee (pictured below)

3. Long Denim Shirt

4. Yellow Cropped Tee

5. Black & White Cropped Leg One-Piece (pictured above)

6. Grey skirt

7. Olive Tulip Pants (pictured below)

8. Black & White Stripe Pants

9. Black Wrap Dress

10. Grey Basic Fitted Tee

My Extras for Styling

1. Scarves

2. Wings Earrings (pictured below)

3. Daisy Earrings

4. Jade and Yellow Stone Bracelets from Thailand

5. Yellow Cross-Body Purse

Are you joining the #Spring10x10 challenge? If so, what’s your goal for this season?


One Comment Add yours

  1. I love that black and white cropped one piece! Where is it from?


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