Capsule Wardrobe: Spring 2018 (recap)

Over the past 10 days I have been engaging in Stylebee’s “Spring 10×10” capsule wardrobe challenge. This time I wanted to share a recap of the different outfits I wore and the experience overall!!

Basically the formula is 10 items of clothing you transition into 10 different outfits over 10 days.

Please Note: I decided to continue with the remix I have been successful with before by not including shoes or outerwear as part of my transitional collection.




My Intention.

I intended to use this challenge to learn more about the style and types of clothing I’d like to wear for Spring. I realize that I want this wardrobe to also be apart of my Summer wardrobe. The goal is to have more favorites and less closet fillers. I also wanted to continue learning and sharing within the capsule wardrobe community because I have learned so much from so many of the individuals who have participated. You all are so inspiring, kind, and supportive!

My Ten.

  1.  Yellow Stretch Tank
  2. Black & White Graphic Bull Tee
  3. Yellow Wrap Dress
  4.  Navy Blue High-Waist Shorts
  5. Black Basic Tee
  6.  Grey fitted skirt
  7. Olive Tulip Pants (pictured below)
  8. Black & White Stripe Pants
  9. Sand-Dollar Pants
  10. Grey Basic Fitted Tee

The Remix.


If you’re a friend on Instagram, you may have noticed the golden yellow trending through many of my photos. It has become my color this year! It all started with my “Possibilites” sweatshirt from the Winter 10×10 challenge. I enjoyed wearing it so many times since then, I decided to include this color in my wardrobe.

My 1st Fave: The Sunflower Dress


This particular dress was handmade by an artisan in Bali. It was not initially in my 10×10 plan, so I swapped out another item instead. I was just too excited to wear it. It is by far my favorite item in this capsule.


My 2nd Fave: The High-Waist Olive Trousers



  1. Bohemian-Bull Tee/ Adidas/ Elephant Purse
  2. Yellow Stretch Tank/ Gold Birkens
  3. Grey Tee/ Chunky Necklace


The Wind-Up.

3. The biggest challenge was traveling from country to country and later returning home to do nothing. I ended up having to extend my 10×10 by two days.

2. I’m really glad I included the golden yellow as a pairing to the neutral tones I             typically wear. I believe it will be a staple in my Spring/ Summer wardrobe.

  1. In previous capsules, I stated how I wanted to do better with accessorizing my outfits. From scarves and bags to earrings and shoes, I can definitely see my progress there.


Did you join the Spring 10×10 challenge this time? If so, what was your favorite outfit or what new thing did you learn?


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