A May of Celebration

Today, May 1st, is the day I made my Earth entrance 28 years ago. 28 is an age I never gave much thought to, much like 27. I had many expectations and plans of how my life would go before 25 but God laughed at many of those. I can say He has directed my path according to His will and I am forever blessed. 27 was absolutely golden and I loved documenting every moment of it— the highs and the lows. Today I am ready for this new journey.

As I begin this new chapter in my life, I want to be very intentional for this new month and new year. I created a challenge as part of self celebration. This challenge is meant to pay recognition to how far we’ve come, affirm ourselves and where we are, and celebrate all that is to come.

After all, what is a life, if we aren’t living it…intentionally.

Below is the challenge I’ll be doing. If you’re down, I’d love for you to join me.

A May of Rays Challenge

  1. a toast
  2. a treat
  3.  Gratitude.
  4. a dessert
  5.  an affirmation
  6. a self-care.
  7. Create.
  8.  a quote.
  9.  Inspire.
  10. a film.
  11.  a note to self.
  12.  Breathe.
  13.  a letter.
  14.   a meal.
  15. Rest.
  16.  a good read.
  17.  a photo.
  18.  Experience.
  19.   a feel good.
  20.  a meal.
  21.  Motivation.
  22.  an early start.
  23.  a treat.
  24.  Connect.
  25.  fun.
  26.  a love.
  27.  a plan.
  28.  Go & Do.

So Life Livers, will you be joining me on this challenge?! Use the hashtag #aMayofRays as we’re shedding light on living life and doing it out loud!

French Macarons

Live Life Radically


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