A Thoughtful Pause.

These past few months have been rocky and smooth, all at once. So, I decided to take a season away from this site…blog…journal of mine. It was needed. Sometimes you have to take everything off the scale to find balance.

Well, that’s pretty much what it was for me. Finding balance. I found myself in a season between what was, what is, and the need to move forward. I dug to the root of it all to really find the meaning of what moves my soul. Truth is, I found a little bit of everything and so, I explored those things. The joy in living simply, the purpose in maintaining a minimal wardrobe, the adventures along the way, loving intentionally and the growth that will come from it all. The time spent exploring these interests revealed one revelation to me; I was in a place of thoughtfulness.

thoughtful: /ˈθɔːtfʊl,ˈθɔːtf(ə)l/

1. absorbed in or involving thought.

2. showing consideration for the needs of other people.

I hope to continue sharing a little more of this journey with you.  Thoughtful Living. Thoughtful Closet. Thoughtful Being. The salt of moments that help us grow and the honey making things sweet and life a little more smooth.

Stay tuned on Tuesdays, to read my weekly musings. Who knows? Perhaps you too, will share a little bit of yours with me. Welcome to this new season in The Honey and Salt.


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