A Thoughtful Routine: Daily Skin Care

Over the past few months I have yearned for a skin care routine that will keep my skin refreshed while living abroad and being exposed to a high level of humidity. After suffering on and off with eczema since childhood, I did not want this new exposure to stunt the progress I have made over the years. In this practice of being thoughtful, I hoped to find a routine that was clean for my skin and simple to cater to daily.

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routines.”

While searching for a clean skincare routine, I found Farmacy Beauty. What struck my eye first was their golden yellow and simple aesthetic. I thought to myself, “Could a skincare line look good and work too?” Well I’m here to share a few of my favorites from their collection and how I keep my skin refreshed and moisturized daily.

Let’s Clean.

This process is done double-time. On the days I wear make-up, I begin to clear my skin using an oil cleanser. The Farmacy Beauty Clear Bloom removes make-up without leaving me feeling dry. I did not think this part was important, until I was speaking with a local MUA. I must say, it has done wonders for the pigmentation in my skin. I follow-up with their Clean Bee gentle cleanser to the remove any remaining dirt.

Let’s Exfoliate.

I choose to exfoliate my skin at night once-twice a week. I’m not very active, however, I am around kids 8 hours a day (teacher life) and those germs have long-life. You may combat those stubborn germs and build up with one or all of these ways.

  1. a skin exfoliating brush.
  2. a diy facial scrub
  3. a diy coffee scrub

Let’s Moisturize.

Though cleansing my skin is my favorite part, moisturizing is the most important. Farmacy’s Honey Drop hydrates my skin without the sticky feeling. With all of the heat and humidity I experience, sticky and hot are the last feelings I want to be. It is recommended by dermatologists to use a moisturizer that includes a SPF. I am currently in search of one. After exfoliating before bed, I apply the Farmacy Skin Tight. This moisturizer packs a heavy punch, so make sure you apply lightly as a little goes a long way.

Let’s Seal (with a kiss).

After exfoliating my lips with a DIY lip scrub, I apply lip balm to seal in the moisture and smoothness.

There are a few additional care steps (toning, masking, etc.) that I include in my routine, which I’ll share in the near future. I hope you found this routine to be very simple and helpful in yur search for a thoughtful skincare routine.

*Remember, having a thoughtful routine that is practiced daily is “the secret to your future.”





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