Thoughtful Closet: Feeling Autumn

There’s something special about the season of fall. The leaves change colors, the weather begins to cool, and while all of this change happens, it feels like a new season begins for us too.

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

-William Cullen Bryant

Well this year, I may not be able to experience the brisk air and crisp leaves like last year’s fall getaway to a small beautiful country, Tbilisi, Georgia. Though I will miss it all, I plan on making this autumn memorable.

Along with the change of seasons, there has also been a change in my wardrobe. Every fall, I typically tuck away my summer dresses, sandals, and swimwear to pull out my long sleeve shirts and cozy sweaters. But this year, I’m having to try something a little different.  As I am slowly but surely swapping and replacing many of the items in my closet for sustainable and ethical wear, I do believe I should be mindful of the things I have.


With that being said, I will continue to wear many of the items I purchased during winter and fall of previous years. I believe this practice is also considered sustainable, as I am giving my items the proper amount of wears, especially if I still like them. But a girl can still wish for her dream closet and this is where being conscious of what I have, how I feel wearing these clothes, and the pieces I really need want come into play.


So here’s what I’m thinking I’ll do for these cooler months, to keep my coins focused:

  1. Take inventory of the things in my closet by asking questions like: how do they fit? How do they feel (material wise)? Do I feel comfortable and beautiful in it? Does this piece add to my dream wardrobe?
  2. Investing in ethical basics and bottoms, while keeping the layering I have.
  3. Investing in transitional items to be worn in multiple seasons.
  4. I also plan on trying a little extra styling to give me the feeling of autumn in this warm weather. So that means, warm tones, light under layers and cozy style.
  5. A wish list of small wants that would take my capsule wardrobe closer to the next level. (A list I started last Spring)


One thing I thought about was: Donating the pieces of clothes in my closet that I wear “just because” or haven’t worn in a longtime. This would be a choice I’d consider, if the option was available to me. But remember, I live abroad, and some of the practices we share, do not translate everywhere overseas and it would break my heart if I found out my clothes were tossed in some desert sand dune. However, I may consider taking some advice from a few of my favorite b/vloggers about selling on different sites.

In the meantime, I’ll be treating myself to my first pumpkin spice latte of the season and using the excuse “my classroom is cold” for why I’m bundled up in sweaters and scarves in this blazing weather!

So tell me, what are you most excited about this fall?


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