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Writer, Raven Love, is the creator of The Honey and Salt. She chose to create a visual journal to share personal narratives of her journey through life’s experiences and simple living paired with photographs of her relentless passion to travel the world. She hopes to shed light on self discovery through writing. Raven is firm in believing we go through trials to become better beings and the universe then uses our stories to help someone in their time of need. Aside from writing, her hobbies include cultural experiences around the world, chai tea lattes paired with all the coffee shop feels, and yoga. When she’s not hopping on a flight, you can catch her in her favorite sweatshirt and a blanket while binge watching tv or writing down her dreams. Oh you wanted to know what pays her bills? Raven is an elementary teacher working in global education– but who knows where her story will end.

The Evolution of The Honey and Salt.

More to Rave About is where I first began this whole blogging thing. It was supposed to be a way to get back into writing creatively (I studied in English and Creative Writing in undergrad) and to share my adventures of travel with family and friends. After some time passed, I realized I wanted to share more of my journey, which turned into me Chasing Golden Elements. I continued to share my travel adventures (a little more creatively) and included lessons I was learning throughout my journey toward minimalism. I thought it would stop there, until a big shift happened in my life. I found myself wanting to share more of my voice when it came to life lessons, faith in God, celebrations in the good times, and hope for a better ending in the tough moments. The Honey and Salt has evolved with me and I want to continue sharing my journey through life. If I can be transparent and vulnerable about life experiences, the good and the bad, someone may find solace in their own journey and leave with a sense of hope for themselves. The honey is to express those sweet moments that nurture our soul. The salt represents the power we find to overcome the experiences that are a little hard to swallow. I choose to continue sharing imagery of my travel adventures as apart of my story, as I hope others will want to explore and learn the world as well. The Honey and Salt was created to inspire others through a visual love story to live a life worth living, intentionally.

So welcome to this space where I share pieces of my heart and beautiful imagery, I hope you join in authentic conversation and stay a while!